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Intercourse still has the potential of resulting in "death," just as it once relegated women to a social death. And if it inspires kids to read the books that's all the better. Get journalism built for thinkers like you. The main vampire is meant to be seen as 'romantic' and 'alluring', but he is obsessive, controlling, stalking, and all around creepy. For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to:

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This is fun, guys, all these new vampires roaming the fantasy world.

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Anne Rice takes a bite out of Stephenie Meyer's sparkling Twilight vampires

Her physical safety becomes a symbolic substitute for her virginity, and Edward guards it with overprotective zeal. It would be a far braver move for Meyer to show Bella's relationship helping her grow comfortable in her body. Why not just tell your daughters they must lose their soul to gain happiness? Edward stops himself after about a minute. A girl could not ask for more—especially not a free-thinking, thoroughly contemporary young woman who is actually in love with two boys, each of whom is deathly devoted to her. Because he's beautiful and is alluring.

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