Do guys want to hook up with me quiz

A person January 19, Or would they pretend like you didn't even exist? Mia March 26, I met this Japanese guy who lives in England but we hardly ever get the chance to see eachother. I don't feel comfortable answering this. My friends thinks he likes me.

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He told my friend he liked me a little bit.

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Does he want to hook up with me quiz

Which BTW is an actual thing that guys will do. So the guy I like is actually my ex, but we only dated for about a week and we broke up. This is a long story, there was this guy named Jason, he joined my primary school in year 5 I was 10, now 12 And I really liked him, I told my best friend then she told Jason, he hated me and hurt me and bullied me until I said, I hate you Jason, why did I like you. Anushka August 14, Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.

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do guys want to hook up with me quiz
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do guys want to hook up with me quiz
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