Dating with facial scars

Spoken as a guy with a three inch scar down the middle of his spine posted by Ghidorah at 7: Not once did they negatively influence any of my future relationships, either. All of this worry was needless. None had a single mean comment to make about my scars. And you know what? My scars had absolutely no effect whatsoever on our, ahem, sexual-ish life. So, yeah, like everyone is saying, chances are that nobody's really noticing your scars.

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I am using Retin-A and it's helping; my dermatologist says that microdermabrasion wouldn't help me.

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24 Women Bare Their Scars To Reveal The Beauty In Imperfections

I feel lucky to be alive! Without seeing how noticeable yours are, I can't guess at what percentage of guys might rule you out because of them or if people would use a scar-related nickname for you lightheartedly behind your back. My mother has a scar from when some crazy guy threw firewood at her when she was a kid and it's not really a detractor on her looks at all, if you can even notice it. Once we separated and I got to the point of dating, it was a whole 'nother ball game, so I understand how you feel. As for the self-esteem, be aware that nothing is hotter than confidence. As a child, people asked me about it constantly - every introduction required yet another explanation, and some people would bring it up every time they saw me, as if something might have changed. As you can see, acne lesions can cause self-esteem issues.

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dating with facial scars
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dating with facial scars
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