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Children within the 12 to 16 years age range are recognised as both vulnerable and in need of protection, and as having an evolving capacity which they can exercise in relation to peers. South Africa recognises that a child of 12 years and above could give some limited consent, and at 16 can give full consent. Even pigs and dogs know that they are supposed to mate animals of the opposite sex…. Mass media is especially important since medical journals are written for professional community rather than general public. He was charged and convicted of the offence of defilement under Kenyan law. How much change will be possible within the traditional society of Malawi remains to be seen. The original version of section reads as follows:

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In fact, the amendment suspiciously resembles the Criminal Law Amendment Act in England, the main difference being that the offence in the Malawi version is a felony rather than a misdemeanour.

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Volume 8 No 2 Volume 8 No 1 The range of sexual relationships criminalised includes non-exploitative sexual intercourse between adolescents below the age of 16 years. Sexually-active children may not receive the guidance and support necessary for them to develop their capacity for sexual self-determination. Childhood sexuality is a political and contested topic as it tends to be shaped by moral panic about adults sexually abusing children. It can be implied that the Constitution may not have sanctioned same-sex marriages, as homosexuality is still considered a crime within the criminal code.

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