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More information about text formats. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. And for those wondering what exactly the nude scene entails mild spoilers aheadit's a very brief shot of Pine's Robert the Bruce exiting some water in which he was bathing. He's even been compared to Michael Fassbinder in "Shame. That said, Pine's full-frontal nude scene is another step toward equal representation in Hollywood in terms of depicting naked bodies. Given the amount of hype for this scene created by the reactions out of TIFF, it may not be what many viewers are expecting.

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But the fact that Pine having a full-frontal scene became a news story while the nudity of female extras or supporting stars goes to show how rare it is to see men bare it all in movies or on TV.

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Skip to main content. Screen Rant's Review of Outlaw King. That scene kept it PG cuz it needed tobut was so radical. To be honest, after all the press and months of hype, it is a letdown. It's extremely rare for full-frontal male nudity to appear in film or on television, and much more common for full-frontal female nudity to be depicted.

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chris pine s nude
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chris pine s nude
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