Nani and stitch sex

He gripped her hips and thrust in. Nani and Stitch are home alone for a few months while Lilo is off at college. The two stayed that way for a few seconds until he gripped her roughly squeezed her nice squeezable body and flipped her over so that now she was resting on her tits and hands. His heart began to twitch and he felt his cock start to slide out from it's sheath. He landed between her legs and effortlessly spread them apart.

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She gasped as his long large flat tongue skipped out of his mouth and took one of her big breasts into his mouth.

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He paused and sniffed before entering, clearly sensing that something was off. Nani looked at her sister with wide scared eyes. She heard the skittering of nails and the padding of feet, he was suddenly by her cunt. He landed between her legs and effortlessly spread them apart. She stopped and closed her eyes. Lilo's face turned into an 'o' of pleasure as she began to hump against him.

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  1. Man,ain’t that the truth !! Great she’s doing IR scenes but damn they’re some shitty ones