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From social silence to social science: Of all 81 study participants, only those quoted in the text are included in this table. When I got there, the doctor told me to climb on the bed and he inspected me and when he was done he told my mother that I am being naughty and that I know what I did and that I will tell her what I did. Adjusted odds ratios presented in Table 3 indicate that male and black students were significantly more likely to report having engaged in each type of intercourse compared to female and Hispanic students, respectively. Belgian MSM rated the lack of lubrication and of anal foreplay as the most important factors predicting pain during RAI Vansintejan et al. Interviewers generally did not probe for specifics about the type of lubricants referred to in these instances, however. Of those having anal sex in past 3 months.

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Cervical cancer Basic info about cervical cancer.

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For vaginal and anal sex, students who reported being currently sexually active were also asked about the frequency of intercourse without a condom during the past 3 months. Measures The survey contained multiple items addressing precoital behavior, sexual intercourse, and demographic characteristics. Young men's stories of sexual initiation in the absence of relevant sexual health information. Townships are residential areas that were designated for non-whites during the apartheid era; although residential racial segregation ended inthese areas remain almost entirely segregated today. A total of eighty-nine percent of students were eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, an indicator of low socioeconomic status. Meanwhile, Amy leads a "very quiet, very simple" life at home with her parents in rural Pennsylvania.

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