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She even mentions that she is "intrigued by their height difference". Of course, he's a muscular veteran mercenary, and she's a sheltered young woman. It doesn't go beyond Unresolved Sexual Tensionhowever. Candacye Chambers becomes a pig-sized Leptoceratops, while the two boys she's with become an Ankylosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus rexrespectively. Karsa having little social graces and bordering on a He-Man Woman Hater who learns his lesson would bring his courtship of Samar into humorous territory if it wasn't a deliberate deconstruction of Bigger Is Better in Bed. The Carnival of Shadows is the most extreme example, where the Strongmen are times the size of the women who order them around. Not as fragile as she looks, though.

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Some writers like pairing up characters of opposite sex and opposite ends of the size spectrum.

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Scrubs gives us the Almighty Janitor and his wife, Lady. Almost every pairing on Night Courtgiven that the entire male cast was freakishly tall, at one point even holding the world record for the tallest male cast. Cute young hotties caught fucking on video and in pics. It looks like he's kidnapping her Rapunzel didn't even reach Bastion's shoulders. Young Porno is full of free teen porn sex videos. And for a straight up example instead of the Giant Robot variant, we have Hitomi cm and Allen cm Similarly, Hayase and Hikaru get to pull this off near the end of Super Dimension Fortress Macrosswhich Hikaru piloting obviously.

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