Developmental changes in dating and romantic relationships

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc; This means that observations end at about age 18 and miss young adult relationships. Second, we reduced the groups to just six because we found the 16 groups analytically unwieldy. Several important theoretical schemas have emerged to help make sense of how adolescent romantic relationships fit into the existing social relationship order and how they develop over time. To test these theories, we wanted to empirically assess the types, qualities, and patterns of romantic relationships in adolescence and into adulthood with a large, longitudinal, and representative dataset that follows adolescents into early adulthood. Adolescent Relationship Patterns Over Time To measure relationship patterning during adolescence, we use a cross-classification of the four categories of relationship type at time 1 and time 2 as defined above.

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Theory, Research, and Practical Implications.

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Relationship Development

We acknowledge that less special relationships are likely to provide some developmental currency, yet we believe those defined as special and their liked relationship counterparts together represent the most developmentally significant adolescent romantic relationships. However, in the end, reality bites, the wings dissolve and the parties either find a working 'normal' relationship or otherwise drift apart. The aforementioned theoretical perspectives suggest that the importance of adolescent relationship experience is captured not only by the number or duration of adolescent relationships, but also by their qualities. With the Add Health data we were able to confirm the theoretically suggested normative pattern of relationship development in adolescence. While Furman and Wehner describe behavioral systems in adolescent romantic relationships, Brown and Connolly and Goldberg introduce phase- or stage-based models of the progression of romantic experience during adolescence. We find that those who had no relationships in adolescence also report fewer relationships in young adulthood.

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developmental changes in dating and romantic relationships
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developmental changes in dating and romantic relationships
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